1. Why can I trust you?
We are a company that offers transfer and excursion services. We have over 40 years experience in the sector and each year we deal with more than 7 million passengers in Spain alone.
We have working offices in each of the destinations where services are coordinated and operate in different countries: Spain, Portugal, Costa Rica, Mexico, Dominican Rep., Cuba, Venezuela and Brazil.
Our top priority is our customers satisfaction.
2. When will I know if my booking is confirmed?
Immediately. Our system only makes bookings if there is availability for the transfer or excursion requested. You will also receive an email confirming your service.
3. When will I know my pick up time for the services?
If you book a PRIVATE TRANSFER you will immediately receive your pick up time and date. In the case of a shared transfer and excursion, our system calculates and shows an approximate time interval and an estimated time respectively. Only for EXCURSIONS we will send you an e-mail and a sms 48 hours prior to your departure to confirm you the exact time you will be picked up.
4. What kind of documentation will I receive?
For each service received, the system will give you a travel voucher. These documents can be accessed from the final booking screen (once payment has been made). They also available using the MY BOOKINGS option. The travel voucher must be printed out since it is to be handed over at the start of the service. THE SERVICE SHALL NOT BE PROVIDED IF CUSTOMERS DO NOT HAND OVER THE TRAVEL VOUCHER TO THE DRIVER. If, for any reason, customers mislay the travel voucher, a new copy can be printed using the MY BOOKINGS option on the site.
5. How will I receive my travel documentation?
Once the booking has been formalised, you can download and/or print your documentation immediately. You can also access it in order to view it and print it at any time, using the ‘MY BOOKINGS’ option or from your email as it is also sent by this method.
6. I have problems opening or printing my travel voucher.
The travel voucher is the document needed to use the service; it is in PDF format and your computer must have the Adobe Reader program to open it. This program can be downloaded free from http://www.adobe.com.
7. After making the payment for my booking, my browser shows a message saying, ‘Do you wish to show non-secure items?’.
Payment is made in the 4B secure servers; when the payment ends, it returns you to the iberoservice.com pages. Depending on your browser’s configuration, you may receive a warning that it is about to show non-secure items. To end the booking you must click OK on this message.
8. What support will I have at the destination if a problem arises?
Your travel documentation will include a support telephone number at the destination for any problem that may arise.
9. When I arrive at the terminal, where do I go to take the transfer?
In both the booking process and the documentation, the meeting point in the terminal is specified with a map, indicating where passengers need to go once they arrive in the terminal. Once there, they should identify themselves to our staff who will carry a sign with the passenger surnames or with the website logo.
10. Where will I be picked up?
The passenger collection points at the transfer start point are specified on the booking documentation and are as follows:
a.Terminals (Airport, Ports, Stations, etc.): Go to the meeting point specified during the sale process and also on your travel documentation.
b.Hotels: Go to the pick up point shown in the travel documentation. As a general rule, you will be picked up outside the hotel; however in some cases this is not possible (due to access conditions) and a nearby pick up point will be specified in your travel documentation.
In both cases, when you arrive you must find the driver who will carry a sign with the website logo or the name of the booking’s main passenger. In the event that the pick up point changes for operational reasons, we will contact the customer 48 hours before departure to confirm the new pick up point.
11. What happens if I can’t find my pick up point?
Your travel documentation specifies your pick up point with a map. In the unlikely event that you cannot find the pick up point, please contact our staff using the destination support telephone number included in your travel documentation. NOTE: In the case of hotels, please first check with the reception staff since they will usually know where your allocated pick up point is.
12. What happens if my flight or train is delayed?
Our traffic dept. is responsible for monitoring delays in the arrival transportation. If your arrival transportation (flight, ferry, train, bus, etc.) is delayed, your transfer will also be delayed accordingly. This only applies in cases where you have correctly specified your transportation code (flight, ferry, train, bus, etc.) when making the booking. If not, customers must assume responsibility for any delays which may occur in their arrival transportation.
13. Where is the pick up date/time shown?
For private transfers, the pick up date and time is specified on your travel documentation and the transportation shall wait a maximum of 30 minutes after the collection time given. This is valid both for the transfers which begin in a terminal (except in the event of delays in the arrival transportation, see point I), as well as those leaving from a hotel. For shared transfers, your travel documentation specifies an approximate pick up time margin , at the latest 24 hours before your transfer the exact pick-up time must be reconfirmed by you following the instructions mentioned on the voucher Passengers must be at the pick up point at the time shown for the start of their transfer.
14. How is the pick up time calculated?
Your flight ( train,ship etc.) details you introduce during the reservation process will not be verified, it is your responsibility to communicate us the complete and correct flight ( train,ship etc.) details to ensure your transfer service.
Inbound transfers
Pick up time = Arrival transportation time (flight, train, etc.) = margin to collect baggage Outbound transfers
Pick up time = Outbound transport time (flight, train, etc.) – time taken from where you are staying to the terminal – 2 hour safety margin. Excursions
The pick up time for excursions is based on the accommodation place and the excursion timetable.
15. What happens if I am delayed?
For private transfers, the driver will wait a maximum of 15 min. in the pick up point after the collection time given in both the booking process and the travel documentation. For shared transfers and excursions, the passengers must be at the pick up point at the exact time specified 48 hours before departure.
16. Can I take transfers from/to residences?
The system operates with previously selected collection points. In the event of a transfer from/to a customer’s residence, the customer must select the collection point which is most convenient, bearing in mind that the transfer between the chosen pcik up point and the residence will be charged to the passenger.
17. Can I specify invoicing details which are different from passenger details?
You can of course specify invoicing details which are different from the passenger details.
18. Can I take transfers between terminals?
Yes, simply specify a start terminal and destination terminal.
19. Who operates the transfers?
Transfers are coordinated by our offices in the destination and are operated through the suppliers we book.
20. How is the payment made?
Bookings shall be paid for through a TPV Virtual system provided by Banco de Santander and 4B. For this reason, you will be redirected to the 4B payment pages during the payment phase in order to make the payment in a secure setting. For your security, IN DESTINATION INCOMING S.L.U. shall never have access to the card details you use for the payment. The payment system uses the most up-to-date security checks (Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode). This means that you may be asked additional information to check your identity during the payment process.
21. How can I modify a service that I already booked?
Any modification to a service involves cancelling the service in the original booking and creating a new booking with a new service. Therefore, ‘modifications’ to services or bookings are not specified as such. You must cancel the service to modify and create a new booking.
22. What are the cancellation and return conditions?
Services can be cancelled without charge 4 days prior to the service date. In some cases, there may be more beneficial cancellation conditions, specific to each provider at destination. If this were the case, these conditions would apply. You can check these conditions by calling our call centre once the reservation is made. Otherwise, the period of 4 days notice will always prevail in order to cancel the services at no cost. To make cancellations please go to the section 'MY RESERVATIONS' of the website. Once the cancellation has been made, we will proceed to return the part corresponding to the cancelled service back to the credit card where the original payment was made.
23. Can I change the day to make an excursion?
There is no problem with this, however you will need to cancel your original excursion service in your original booking and create a new booking with the new excursion service. To cancel your original service, remember our cancellation policy.
24. If in order to modify a service, I have to cancel and create a new booking, does this mean that I may have more than one booking?
Correct. One customer may have as many bookings as required. A booking is a group of transfer and excursion services.
25.What are the conditions relating to baggage?
Each passenger is entitled to one piece of baggage with a maximum weight of 20 kg. (Maximum combined dimensions of 158cm) and one piece of hand baggage weighing a maximum of 5 kg (maximum dimensions of 45cm x 35cm x 25cm). This base baggage is included in the price of the booking. Any excess baggage must be declared when making the booking in the ‘Special services’ section and will be invoiced. Passengers will be responsible for covering the expenses of reserving additional vehicles to transport the excess baggage THAT HAS NOT BEEN DECLARED. Customers are solely responsible for any accompanying animals transported. They must travel in a container which complies with IATA specifications. Accompanying animals may become very nervous on means of transportation, and as such, necessary precautions should be taken. In any case, IN DESTINATION INCOMING S.L.U. must be notified if you wish to transport accompanying animals in the ‘Special services’ section.
26. What if I want to take more baggage?
You can purchase a higher baggage capacity or special baggage (surf boards, bicycles, etc.) during the booking process.
27. What are the conditions for travelling with children or infants?
Customers must specify the number of infants (up to 2 years) and children (from 3 to 12 years of age) included in the transfer during the booking process. For cars, Spanish regulation obliges those under three years of age to use fastening systems, and if this is not adhered to there is a fee of 90 Euros. This regulation does not apply to minibuses or coaches. For children under 3 years of age, we recommend the use of a booster cushion or suitable chair. Due to the diversity of service and customers, IN DESTINATION INCOMING S.L.U. cannot provide any kind of seat, cushion or booster accessory for children or infants. The adults responsible for minors shall also be responsible for checking the fastenings on these accessories in vehicles and the safety of these. IN DESTINATION INCOMING S.L.U. shall not transport minors who are unaccompanied by adults. Child buggies shall go to the baggage area and only collapsible buggies will be accepted. NOTE: Infants (0 to 2 years of age) shall not be charged when they travel accompanied by at least one adult and when they do not use their own seat on transportation.
28. What languages will the driver speak (for transfers)?
IN DESTINATION INCOMING S.L.U. does not guarantee that the transfer driver will speak your language. However, your travel documentation contains all the information needed for your transfer and most of the drivers will have no problem helping you if necessary.
29. What kind of vehicle will provide transport?
Private transfers: Customers select the class and number of vehicles during the booking process.
Shared transfers: Passengers may be transported by car, minibus or bus.
For excursions: Passengers may be transported by car, minibus or bus.
IN DESTINATION INCOMING S.L.U. will do everything possible to offer the service with the number and vehicle category requested. However, we reserve the right to provide the service with a different number of vehicles and a different category (always higher) should the conditions reserved be unavailable.
30. What difference is there between a private transfer and a shared one?
Private transfer: Passengers with a booking travel in vehicles provided only for them. Customers may choose the category (class) and number of vehicles during the booking process. Private transfer is limited to taking passengers from the start point to the destination without making stops along the way. The collection time and journey duration is set specifically for the booking to which the transfer is made.
Shared transfer: Passengers with a booking may share a vehicle along with other passengers. Shared vehicles makes various stops in different destinations to collect or drop off passengers. For this reason, the journey duration is longer than for a private transfer. The pick up time is set using an approximate time margin. 48 hours before your transfer, we will contact you by mail and SMS to inform you of the exact pick up time. Passengers must be at the pick up point at the time shown for the start of their transfer.
31. How is an excursion made?
Passengers must wait at the pick up point from the time indicated and get on the transportation when it arrives. Travel vouchers must be handed over at this point. The transportation will collect the remaining passengers from different spots. An official guide or an authorised companion guide (as applicable) will travel on the transportation, offering customers explanations on the points of interest in the excursion and will attend to passengers. The excursion shall make official stops and at the end of the excursion, a route will be taken to drop passengers at the same place they were picked up from.
32. What language will the excursion guide speak?
During the booking process, you will have the opportunity to select the excursion language, which guarantees that the excursion guide will speak this language. IN DESTINATION INCOMING S.L.U. will do everything possible to ensure that the excursion is carried out only in one language. However, in some cases, if there are not enough passengers in a specific language, the excursion will be given in various languages. In this case, the excursion guide will offer explanations in various languages besides your own.
33. What services are included in an excursion?
The excursion description included in iberoservice.com specifies the services included in each excursion.
34. What baggage can I take on an excursion?
Each passenger may carry one piece of hand baggage with a maximum weight of 5 kg (maximum dimensions of 45cm x 35cm x 20cm).
35. How will my personal details be processed on the internet?
At IN DESTINATION INCOMING S.L.U. we commit to protecting the personal details of our customers and visitors. Check the ‘Privacy policy’ section on this site to find out about the processing that information undergoes and adherence to the Constitutional Data Protection Act.